[Mac] Batch resize images to fit into a certain size

07 Sep 2016

I often got to deal with customers sending me a bunch of big images, coming right out of their camera’s SD card, willing to add them to their website.

Even if every decent CMS can deal with images resizing nowadays, i really don’t like to upload so much data if i’m not going to use them as is. It takes time and fill the server’s disk space for nothing.

The best thing to do is to batch resize them to a smaller format. This can be done using Photoshop for exemple, but i never managed to find a script that deals correctly with both portrait and landscape images without adding extra empty spaces vertically or horizontally. And i also don’t wan’t the images to be automatically cropped (hello headless people and half-cut texts!).

Do not want

Hopefully, there is some image resizers around doing a decent job, but there’s only a few on Mac. I tried Batch Image Resizer once and was happy with it, but i recently had to do so on another machine and didn’t want to pay another 14$ for it.

This is when i came across Resize Master, which i found easier to use and doing exactly what i needed and for free !

Resize Master in action

It’s even able to take a directory as an input and keep it for the output.

Processing a whole directory tree

It’s also dealing with watemarking and meta-data if needed.

Nice little find !